AI Summit 2023 - Harnessing AI for the Future

With the rapid advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is applied extensively in 21st-century everyday life, creating enormous opportunities and challenges to society. In the wave of popularization of AI, its impact on education and research has sparked heated discussions in the global education community. CUHK Jockey Club AI for the Future Projects brings together internationally renowned scholars, technology industry experts, and local veteran educators to discuss the current application, development trends, and hidden concerns of AI technology in different professional fields. AI is an emerging trend in global education, educators need to think about how to respond to the changes and impacts of AI on teaching and learning and work together to equip our younger generation to harness AI technology for the AI-driven future.


Learning & Teaching Expo 2023

The Project will participate in the Learning & Teaching Expo 2023 (LTE 2023) and showcase the AI curriculum for junior secondary school students in Hong Kong co-created by the Project and local secondary schools as well as hardware learning and teaching tools developed by the CUHK research team. Educational and trade professionals are welcome to visit our booth and learn more about our Project.

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AI Education and Exploration Lab Open Day 2023

To raise the awareness of AI of the public and promote AI education, we are excited to present you the AI Education and Exploration Lab Open Day! The open day will be held from 17 to 18 July (Thursday to Friday), providing AI experiential learning opportunities to all of you! Apart from AI Lab Visit, there are also different workshops waiting for you to explore. We not only provide you with a thorough view of the AI Lab, but also precious hands-on experiences. All activities are free of charge! Public who are interested in AI technology are welcome to join!

AI for the Future Summer Camp 2023

To keep up with the rapid development of technology, we hope to equip students with knowledge of AI technology. We are delighted to present the AI for the Future Camp 2023! We aim at enhancing students’ self-learning, hands-on and presentation capability, as well as cultivating their creative thinking, problem-solving and logical thinking. Attendance certificate upon completion of the Camp will be given, students can also bring home the CUHK-JC iCar to share the joy brought by AI with their families!
Computational Thinking & AI Education

Computational Thinking & AI Education - Mainstreaming and Commendation Ceremony

Computational Thinking & AI Education - Mainstreaming and Commendation Ceremony will be held on May 30, 2023. In addition, principals, teachers and students from different schools will share their experiences and insights on Computational Thinking and AI Education, hoping to bring new inspiration to the public.

AI for the Future - AI Education and Exploration Lab Open Day

Applications of AI are commonly found 👀 in daily life, but AI is still a brand-new technology to many people 🤔. To raise public awareness of AI 👨‍💻 and promote AI education 👩‍💻to the public, we are going to organize AI Education and Exploration Lab Open Day on 13 and 14 April (Thursday and Friday) 🎉🎉Apart from visiting the AI Lab 🗜, visitors can join workshops of the topics , Introduction to AI, AI robot car 🚘, and machine learning. In addition to visiting 👀, you will also gain hands-on experience ✌. All activities are free of charge!