Secondary School Think and Create Competition 2022

Result Announcement

Shortlisted Teams to Final Round Competition

School Shortlisted Project
Diocesan Girls' School FLAI (Follow to Learn An Instrument)
JC Man Kwan EduYoung College Smart Learning Cantonese Opera Finger Gestures
La Salle College JyutOp - An Aide for Your Own Cantonese Opera
Lai King Catholic Secondary School AQUA Draw
Pui Ching Middle School (Macau) TranforMusic
Pui Ching Middle School (Macau) Just Tai Chi
Pui Ching Middle School (Macau) Musicalization System of Painting
St. Clare’s Girls’ School Artifix
St. Louis School Artistic Creation Experience
Ying Wa Girls’ School Music x AI tracking Alzheimer’s disease

Competition Timeline

First Round Mid-September 2022 Application Starts (with Guidelines for Applicants)
Early October 2022 Provision of Exemplars
9 February 2023 Online Briefing Session
3 March 2023 Application Deadline
3 March 2023 Proposal Submission
Early April 2023 First Round Result (to shortlist 10 teams)
Final Round May 2023 Presentation and Prototype Demonstration
Early July 2023 Announcement of Final Results

Online Briefing Session

Date: 9 February 2023
If you wish to watch the recording of the briefing session, please send an email to
Format: Online - Zoom
Content: Introduction to AI and AI Hardware, briefing on arrangements of Competition and question-and-answer
Medium: Cantonese (presentation materials will be supplemented with English)
Target Audience: Students who are interested in participating in Secondary School Think and Create Competition 2022 and want to know more about general knowledge of AI

Eligibility, Format and Assessment Criteria


• Secondary 1 to 6 students in Hong Kong and Macau, team-based consisting at most 5 students and 1 instructor

• Each school can send more than 1 team joining


First Round
All teams would need to submit a proposal along the theme after their applications to the Competition. The judging panel will shortlist 10 teams to the final round.

Final Round
Each shortlisted team would be given a budget of HKD2,000 to develop a prototype for the submitted proposal. The prototype would be presented to the judging panel.

First Round Assessment Criteria:

Project Content
Project Objectives 30%
Originality and Creativity 20%
AI Application and Technical Feasibility 20%
AI Ethics and Social Awareness 20%
Sustainability 10%

Final Round Assessment Criteria:

Prototype (60%)
Relevancy with the Topic 10%
Technical Skills 10%
Innovative and Creativity 10%
Social Awareness and Sustainability 10%
Problem Solving Skills 10%
Appearance Design 10%
Presentation (40%)
Presentation Skills 10%
Teamwork 10%
Q & A Session 20%


Application and Other Information

The Best AI Award A trophy, a certificate and gift(s) up to a value of HKD10,000 (1 team)
The Spirit of Innovation Award A trophy, a certificate and gift(s) up to a value of HKD7,000 (1 team)
The Technical Challenge Award A trophy, a certificate and gift(s) up to a value of HKD7,000 (1 team)
The Outstanding Social Awareness Award A trophy, a certificate and gift(s) up to a value of HKD7,000 (1 team)
Certificate of Merit A certificate (all finalist teams)


Please return the completed application form on or before 3 March 2023, 5:00pm


Telephone: 3943 0479


Frequently Asked Questions

1Could I form the competition team with students from different secondary forms, such as three secondary 5 students and two secondary 2 students?
Yes, competition team could be formed by students from different secondary forms.
2Could I submit proposal via other presentation means, such as video, presentation PowerPoint?
Each participating team must submit a written proposal. However, participating teams are open to supplement their proposals with other presentation means such as video, presentation PowerPoint, or any other means where appropriate.
3What is the format for composing the proposal?
All participating teams must submit a written proposal in Chinese or English within 10 pages according to the template.
4Could I use existing prototypes from my school to participate in the competition?
Participating teams are welcome to use any existing prototypes from their school for this competition. However, participating schools have to ensure that either their prototypes have not won other competitions before.
5Is there any limitation on the materials for prototype development?
No. Participating teams are free to use any materials to develop their prototype.
6Can Secondary 6 students in academic year 2022/2023 join the Competition?
Yes. Secondary 6 students in academic year 2022/2023 are welcome to join the Competition.
7Can participants form a team comprised of students from various schools?
No. Team members should come from the same secondary school.