Greater Bay Area AI for the Future Experiential Camp 2024

Camp Introduction


  • To enhance participants’ knowledge of general concepts and applications of AI
  • To provide participants with hands-on experience in AI
  • To arouse participants’ interest in building AI projects
  • To cultivate participants’ self-learning, problem-solving, and logic-building skills
  • To promote the exchange between teachers and students in the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Greater Bay Area


S2 to S4 students in the 2024/25 school year
(Registration is on a school basis, with a maximum of ten students per school and accompanied by at least one schoolteacher.)




Brochure (Only in Chinese)

Camp Content

Activity Content
Workshop on Generative AI:
Unlocking the Power of Generative AI
Join us for an immersive workshop on Generative AI, exploring text, image music and video generation. Gain a comprehensive overview of Generative AI technologies including important concepts like neural networks, deep learning, transformers and large language models. Dive into prompt engineering to enhance AI-generated content. Engage in hands-on exercises with state-of-the-art GenAI tools. Gain insights into ethical principles and responsible AI usage. This workshop offers practical knowledge and skills for creating with AI, making it perfect for beginners and tech enthusiasts. Don't miss this chance to explore one of the most innovative fields in technology today!
Hands-on Workshop on Exploring the Mysteries of AI Model Training Let's reveal the mysteries of AI model training. You will experience first-hand the process of training an AI model, from data collection to model training, and acquire skills in AI model training. You will also learn how to assemble an AI car using various mechanical tools.
Hands-on Workshop on AI Model and AI Car Practicing Get ready for the upcoming AI Car Challenge! In this Workshop, you need to test and fine-tune your AI model and AI car to pursue the best performance. You also need to work with others as a team and come up with strategies to tackle the secret tasks in the AI Car Challenge. Let's enhance your model performance and strive for the best results in the Challenge.
AI Car Challenge It is going to be an exciting challenge! You need to team up with others and utilize the trained model to operate the AI car to accomplish different tasks. These tasks not only test your technical knowledge but also your team spirit and strategic thinking. Unleash what you have learnt and collaborate to complete the tasks!

Camp Schedule

Time Activity
09:00 Icebreaker
10:00 Welcoming Remarks
10:15 Workshop on Generative AI: Unlocking the Power of Generative AI
11:00 Break
11:15 Hands-on Workshop on AI Model Training (Students)
GBA Teachers Forum (Teachers)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Workshop on AI Model and AI Car Practice and Training
15:30 Break
15:45 AI Car Challenge
16:45 Award Presentation
17:15 End of Camp

Remarks: The event rundown and content may vary depending on the actual situations.



Register through schools
Submit the online form by 15 July 2024
Due to limited spaces, we will contact the school after receiving the form and confirm the number of participants and the name list.

Tel: 3943 0842

Frequently Asked Questions

1How to register for the Camp?
The registration for the Camp is on a school basis, with a maximum of ten students per school. Schoolteacher should first complete the online form and provide his/her contact information for follow-up. The school should then submit the list of participating students to us by 15 July. Due to limited spaces, schools will be notified of the registration results by email from 22 July.
2Can students who are NOT in S2 to S4 participate in the Camp?
This Camp is only for students studying in S2 to S4 in the academic year 2024/25. The activity contents are designed based on the level of junior secondary students (i.e., S1 to S3 students in the academic year 2023/24). Therefore, we do not accept registrations from students in other grades.
3Is this Camp suitable for pupils who have no prior knowledge of AI?
All S2 to S4 pupils are welcome to join the Camp, regardless of their knowledge of or familiarity with AI.
4How can I get to the event venue Shenzhen Research Institute (SZRI) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong?
Round trip shuttle bus service between Hong Kong and SZRI will be arranged by the Project for participants.
5Can students/students’ parents submit a registration by themselves?
All registrations should be submitted by schools. Participating students must be accompanied by schoolteacher(s). Therefore, we do not accept individual submission from students/parents.
6What does the AI toolkit include?
Students will receive an iPort upon completion of the Camp. iPort is an AI toolkit developed by the CUHK which enables students to continue learning AI on their own after completing the Camp. For more information about the iPort, please visit EduAir website.