AI for the Future Summer Camp 2023









Camp Introduction


  • Enlighten AI technologies application in daily life
  • Enhance self-learning, hands-on and presentation capabilities
  • Train creative thinking, problem solving and logic building


S2 to S4 students for the 2023/24 school year
(Quota: 120 students)

Dates and Time

Morning Session Afternoon Session
18 and 19 July 2023
9:00 am - 12:00 nn
18 and 19 July 2023
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Note: Successful applicants will receive a detailed schedule.

Each participant will receive a CUHK-JC iCar and a certificate upon completion of the Summer Camp.

Camp Content

Witty Laboratory Mysteries of AI CUHK-JC iCar Expert Keyboard Warrior
  • Tour the AI Education and Exploration Lab
  • Get to know and interact with AI exhibits
  • Introduction to AI and understanding the basic concepts of AI
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of human and AI
  • Conduct hands-on AI experiments with the CUHK-JC iCar
  • Learn about Blockly and relevant programming concepts and logic
  • Learn about Python and relevant functions and variables
  • Experience the fun-filled applications of AI
  • Note: Participants are required to bring their own laptop (tablet is not supported).

    Bad Weather Arrangements

    When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is in force / When Black Rainstorm Warning is in force Arrangement
    At 6:00 am or after
    Activities of the morning session will be cancelled
    At 11:00 am or after
    Activities of both morning session and afternoon session will be cancelled

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1If participants wish to receive an additional pack of CUHK-JC iCar toolkit , can they purchase from CUHK?
    No. The toolkits materials are for educational purpose only and not for sale. We hope to encourage more students from various strata to learn and experience AI.
    2If the participant fails to keep up the progress, or encounter problems during class, what should they do?
    Participants who encounter any problems may ask questions during lessons or at the break. In addition, to ensure ease of management and learning progress observation, the Camp adopts small class lecture approach. Each class will be led by two or more CUHK research assistants/ student ambassadors.
    3If a participant fails to attend all sessions of the Summer Camp, can he/she get the attendance certificate?
    The Camp encourages participants to attend all activities of the Camp. Participants must complete all classes in the entire Summer Camp to receive a certificate.
    4What will be the medium instruction of the Camp?
    The medium of instruction will be Cantonese.
    5Can participant withdraw before or during the Camp?
    The Camp encourages students to complete the entire activities. If participants have to withdraw from the Camp for any reason, please inform our staff for arrangement immediately.