Exhibition Booth

The Project will participate in the Learning & Teaching Expo 2023 (LTE 2023) and showcase the AI curriculum for junior secondary school students in Hong Kong co-created by the Project and local secondary schools as well as hardware learning and teaching tools developed by the CUHK research team. Educational and trade professionals are welcome to visit our booth and learn more about our Project.

Booth No. B01
Date 13 - 15 Dec 2023 (Wed - Fri)
Time 13 & 14 Dec (Wed & Thur): 10am - 6pm
15 Dec (Fri): 10am - 5pm
Venue Hall 3B-E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Highlighted Exhibits
  • “Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Junior Secondary Students in Hong Kong - Teaching and Learning Pack”
  • AI robot car CUHK-JC iCar
  • AI exhibits developed by CUHK research team
  • Winning prototypes of Secondary School Think and Create Competition 2022

AI Workshops

Date: 13 Dec 2023 (Wed)
Venue: Innovation Classroom

Introduction to AI Ethics Issues

2pm - 2:50pm | Rewatch

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been advancing rapidly in recent years, and AI ethics has become a growing concern in society. It is particularly important to learn how to ethically train and use AI for societal development. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the underlying processes and ethical issues behind applications such as autonomous driving, intelligent scanning, AI resume analysis, and more, through different examples and experiments. You will explore the ethical principles that should be considered when developing or using AI products.


AI Robotics

3pm - 3:50pm | Rewatch

Before the advent of AI, robotics is already an established trend in the past decades, and still remains popular in the education field. By combining AI and robotics, we can improve the performance of robots in decision making and completing complex tasks. In this open lesson, we will discuss some existing examples of integrating robotics with AI and their potential. CUHK-JC iCar, a toolkit developed by CUHK Jockey Club AI for the Future Project to support AI education, will be used in this workshop for a simple demonstration of the integration between AI and robotics.


Empowering Students in Project-based Learning and AI Education through Diverse AI Tools

4pm - 4:50pm

Since the millennium, project-based learning in various subjects to cultivate students' generic skills has become more common. The 21st century skills even put extra emphasis on students' critical thinking and exposure. STEM/AI education is very suitable for project-based learning. In this open lesson, the speaker will provide participants with basic knowledge and resources of various innovative AI research projects which are intended for students to work on, and allow participants to experience the use of various AI tools and techniques and learn about different ethical issues of AI usage. Participants of this open lesson will also get to know a wide range of activities, tools and programmes that is suitable for teaching.


Integrating AI Concepts into Mathematics Lessons

5pm - 5:50pm | Rewatch

Mathematics education has always emphasised applications, but the current Secondary Mathematics curriculum lacks the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If the applications of AI are introduced during Mathematics lessons, it will enhance students' interest in learning Mathematics and AI, and lay a good foundation for students to learn AI in the future. In this open lesson, the speaker will introduce the connection between AI and Secondary Mathematics topics and demonstrate how AI concepts can be introduced in the Mathematics lessons by open source tools.


AI Summit 2023

With the rapid advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is applied extensively in 21st-century everyday life, creating enormous opportunities and challenges to society. In the wave of popularization of AI, its impact on education and research has sparked heated discussions in the global education community. CUHK Jockey Club AI for the Future Projects brings together internationally renowned scholars, technology industry experts, and local veteran educators to discuss the current application, development trends, and hidden concerns of AI technology in different professional fields. AI is an emerging trend in global education, educators need to think about how to respond to the changes and impacts of AI on teaching and learning and work together to equip our younger generation to harness AI technology for the AI-driven future.


Date: 15 Dec 2023 (Fri)
Time: 10:30am - 12:50pm
Venue: Hall 3B-E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Learning & Teaching 2023)


Telephone: 3943 0842 (General Enquiries) / 3943 0452 (Media Enquiries)
Email: aiforfuture@cuhk.edu.hk